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  • .@BuzzFeed sharing a video of someone being killed by an escalator is a new low. Didn't watch it, don't think it's right to share it. 16 hours ago
  • "More guns would mean less shootings... god bless 'murica" It's sad that this isn't a satirical news piece. twitter.com/guardianfilm/s… 1 day ago
  • About to watch Rain Man. Never seen it before, I'll be interested to see how he fits into the next avengers film... 1 day ago

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Test driving the #nespresso machine. #coffee #home Homemade salsa burgers, bloody marvellous. #burger #foodporn #homemade #sherlock #bakerstreet *hums the theme to the BBC series* Bit of T20 at the Oval. #blackbird

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