A Look at Word of Mouth Marketing.
Word of Mouth Marketing. What is it? And how valuable is it to a business or brand in broadcasting a message?

WOMMAUK (Word of Mouth Marketing Association UK) says that, “Word of mouth (WOM) is the most effective form of marketing in existence as it combines the newest strategies, tactics, and channels with the most basic human behaviour…”
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Does the World’s Youngest Billionaire Really Care About Your Privacy?
The social network giant that is Facebook has been fraught with privacy issues. Since it became fully available to anyone with a valid email address in 2006 there has been a constant stream of privacy niggles, and concerns.

Whether it’s the source code being leaked in 2007 or more recently the stealthy roll out of the facial recognition feature in June this year, which allowed tag suggestions on photos through facial recognition technology. A feature that users had to opt OUT of, rather than in to
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The Social Graph: We’re All Connected
The ‘Social Graph’. What is it and why is it useful? The idea of being connected to anyone and everyone, maximizing the potential for sharing, thoughts, ideas & media is a tantalizing concept for any business or individual with something to advertise.
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Social Media Audit: AMV BBDO
AMV BBDO is a UK based communications agency. They work with 85 brands and “have one simple aim with all of them: to help solve their business challenge with creative ideas that change the competitive landscape.”

Their clients include the likes of Walkers crisps, Starbucks Coffee, Sainsbury’s, Guinness and Unicef, to name but a few.
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$ocial Media: A Big Money Spinner
What is social media? If you copy and paste from Wikipedia you will know it is “the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue.”

Whilst this may be true, this rather vague description barely scratches the surface of what Social Media means, to geeks and business people alike. It is safe to say that Social Media is still in it’s infancy, and only in the last few years have we seen businesses begin to realise the potential power this ever popular tool holds.
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