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In Retrospect: December 2011

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In Retrospect: November 2011

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Reviews of November’s film picks.
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A look at the official Titanic 3D Poster and Trailer

So now we have a proper poster and trailer for James Cameron’s 3D re-release of Titanic. But are they anything special? Are they reflective of the epic classic?

Titanic reached 10 Million fans on Facebook and James Cameron celebrated the milestone by releasing the trailer on the Facebook page.

Here’s the trailer:

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A Look at Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing. What is it? And how valuable is it to a business or brand in broadcasting a message?

WOMMAUK (Word of Mouth Marketing Association UK) says that, “Word of mouth (WOM) is the most effective form of marketing in existence as it combines the newest strategies, tactics, and channels with the most basic human behaviour…”
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In Retrospect: October 2011

In Retrospect October 2011
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