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A Twitter Concept

This might already exist and if it does then please let me know. BUT I was struck about tweaks to Twitter that would perhaps work well – that people may actually appreciate.

It would be cool to curate the content of our tweets a little more closely. The easiest way to explain it would be a love-child between G+ circles and Pinterest boards. We all tweet about a wide variety of things – day to day bits & more niche interests. Sometimes we follow a friend who’s daily tweets about their day are of interest to us – but who might also tweet about golfing results – wasted tweets that we skim over as they are of no interest to us.

Similarly we may follow someone who tweets about a particular interest of ours – a sports journalist for example, who gives us up to date information on our team, but who’s tweets about their personal life we don’t care for. It’s a familiar problem – especially as very few people tweet about a single subject, Twitter is about having a personality.

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Addicted to Pinterest yet?

It was only launched in March 2010, and is today, still invite only, but Pinterest is grabbing the interest of a lot of creative internet user as it continues to snowball in popularity. I was instantly struck by Pinterest within minutes of signing up. But what is the site and what is so appealing about it?

Once you’ve been invited to join Pinterest, either through email request, or through a friend already using it you will be submerged into a beautiful world of organised visuals. So what is it? The idea is very simple, the website describes itself as “a virtual pinboard” that “allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web” As well as curating your own finds the site also allows you to “browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests

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The Future of Social Media

So what does the future of Social Media hold? Will we have status updates about hover cars, hover jumpers, hover pants? Or will social media be banned by the Chinese government as they occupy 94% of the globe… and 60% of the moon. Our ‘timelines’ may grow to define who we are, you may be declined a passport as your history is deemed ‘unsatisfactory’. Skiving work may become impossible as those dreaded drunken photos become public knowledge, easily viewed on a number of flat screens that occupy every surface… or on your hover watch, with built in projector. The potential future of social media is limited only by your imagination.

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Social Media and Politics

Sharing, sharing and more sharing. That is what drives social media. Sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions has never been easier, and the sharing culture that we are fast becoming a part of, actively encourages us to do so.

The backbone of democracy is also rooted within the notion of sharing. Dahl’s ’empirical conditions for democracy’ include ‘freedom of expression’ and the ‘right to information other than from official sources’ People should be able to speak freely and openly, and this is being made easier by the open nature of social media.

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This Red Dress is Still a Bit Tight…

[Written for my ‘Strategy & Planning’ module of my Advertising Degree]

Aldi have been running a series of adverts that place a well recognised brand name up against the less popular ‘own brand’ equivalent, then showing the low price of the ‘own brand’ item.

The ads pitch the two items as identical, with the person in the advert claiming they ‘like’ both items. The purpose of the advert is to establish that the prominent difference between the two products is the price. Whilst the latest low fat cereal advert,  which is the one in question, doesn’t show the price of the ‘Special K’ cereal, it shoes the price of the ‘own brand’ equivalent, which insinuates that it is cheaper.

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You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

[Written for my ‘Strategy & Planning’ module of my Advertising Degree]

The start of 2012 for Snickers has seen them part ways with a tank driving Mr. T telling us to quit our ‘jibber-jabber’ and to ‘get some nuts’. Now they are telling us that we are not ourselves when we’re hungry. Launching a social media campaign and telvision advert full to the brim with celebrity cameos.

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Girl on the Platform Smiled

[Written for my ‘Strategy & Planning’ module of my Advertising Degree]

Summer 2011 saw the release of’s newest advert, where a man armed with a ukulele and his singing voice tries to impress a woman at a train station. The advert is aimed at the 25-34 demographic (who are obviously single).

It starts with the man spotting the woman from across the platform. He begins to play his ukulele and sings about the woman. He ad libs about her, commenting on her appearance and tries to guess her age. He guesses too low and it transpires that she is 28. This subtle nod to the demographic that they are advertising to works very well, and comes off as romantically charming. The man continues to sing across to the woman until her train arrives and interrupts him. He looks crestfallen as the woman appears to have disappeared forever. As he sits on a bench on the platform she sits next to him, as she chose to leave her train.

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