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Pete Kirby Told Me To Quit Uni

This term we had a day with Pete Kirby author of and all-round creative guru.

He set us 7 tasks in 7 hours for us to explore our creativity with words.

If you want to try them at home the tasks were:

– Write a leaving note (you’re quitting your university course, write a note explaining why)
– Invent a word (or a few words)
– Write your own motto
– Write your own manifesto
– Give a sales pitch trying to sell your shoes
– Give a sales pitch trying to sell someone you love
– Give a sales pitch on your secret weapon, something that you can do, a talent, or a creative technique.

The tasks were great fun, the longer you spent on it, the more possibilities came to mind. The leaving note was a great laugh, hearing everyone in class coming up with hilarious reasons on why they’re quitting at 9.30 in the morning.

Here is the first of my two choices of leaving note if I were to be quitting my degree:

The note is addressed to my lecturer Darren Whittington. It reads:
“Dear Darren, I am leaving this course to write my book about my life. At first I didn’t think it would sell, but the twist at the end is that I’m actually a bear masquerading as a quite handsome gentleman.
I also have to leave uni because I’m secretly a bear and if you have food in your pockets I will attack you… also I have lasers in my paws so I’m off to scare the shit out of David Attenbourogh obviously.”

The second note I wrote is shorter and slightly more self explanatory:

Blunt, but to the point.

Motorola Ads

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A piece of University work. We had to design a campaign for Motorola, the brief involved showing that Motorola put their customers first, before technology.
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University Work Blog

My ADV106 module from my first year. All work had to be presented in a blog as well as pitched to my Lecturer & class.

I received a First for the module’s final mark.


Fight Club Poster

For part of my University Course I had to design a poster for my favourite film without using any imagary from the film itself and without using the film title other than in small font in the corner.

Advertising Passion

I have been set a brief as part of my course this term to advertise a passion of mine. I chose my passion for music, and specifically creating new music. In order to ‘advertise’ this passion I focused specifically on a piece of music software that I use, FL Studio.
The adverts had to be designed as if they were to appear in a magazine. After putting together a few scamps on paper I knocked up these two designs on photoshop. I’ve still not decided on a final piece yet.
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Rattler Advertisements

These billboard advertisements were designed to the brief of: “Design two advertisements that could be seen on billboards on the road as you travel into Cornwall.” These were quick mock-ups I made on Photoshop.

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Oxfam Project

I was set a brief taken from the D&AD student awards 2011 titled Digital Campaigner where I had to “present an idea that engages support for Oxfam by triggering shared values and concerns in a wide range of people.” Working with a partner, I chose to develop a brand extension titled ‘Oxfamily’ that exploited the benefits of Web 2.0.

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The presentation that we gave achieved a first:

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