You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

[Written for my ‘Strategy & Planning’ module of my Advertising Degree]

The start of 2012 for Snickers has seen them part ways with a tank driving Mr. T telling us to quit our ‘jibber-jabber’ and to ‘get some nuts’. Now they are telling us that we are not ourselves when we’re hungry. Launching a social media campaign and telvision advert full to the brim with celebrity cameos.

The new strapline of “You’re not you when you’re hungry” infers that we act out of character when we are hungry, and indulging in a snickers bar is the best way to alleviate that hunger. The message of the advert is very clear, and the task of informing the consumer that a snickers is the answer to their hunger, has been placed with the strapline.

The television advert aired in the UK shows a football dressing room, where the players have come back after their match. The idea is to show how a footballer would act out of character if they were hungry. It plays on the notion that some professional footballers are ‘divas’ on and off the pitch, by having Dynasty actress Joan Collins in a fancy looking dress, playing the role of Dan & moaning at her fellow players.

She has an exchange with a couple of the men in the dressing room, before being told that to have a snickers. One bite of the snickers and Dan is back to normal, with Joan Collins being replaced by the real Dan. This visual representation of the strapline is the most effective way to convey the message to the consumer, as wells as being a bit of fun.

This particular advert seems to be targeting men aged 18-35, with the whole football scenario and somewhat ‘laddish’ culture being used. Snickers has always been positioned as more masculine snack, especially with the line “Get some nuts”.  However the age range is almost limitless as well as the gender, as a food product has no proper demographic boundaries.

As they are selling in an already crowded market space, Snickers have had to try and find a way to pitch their chocolate bar as something more than just a tasty treat. By tackling hunger, they are building the chocolate bar up to be more than just confectionery, but rather as a legitimate snack that is more substantial than your average chocolate bar. It’s not tackling other brands of chocolate bar head on, but rather showing the benefits provided by the Snickers bar.

Whilst this first advert is a rather overly exaggerated example of not being yourself when you’re hungry, it is a fun visual representation with a clear and concise message. The campaign has also run an online campaign on Twitter, with further celebrity participation, from names associated with the interests of Snickers’ target demographic. Amir Khan tweeted about stamp collecting, Katie Price was dishing out economical advice and Rio Ferdinand was declaring his love of knitting, all before each celebrity posted a picture of themselves with a Snickers bar, declaring you’re not you when you’re hungry.

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