This Red Dress is Still a Bit Tight…

[Written for my ‘Strategy & Planning’ module of my Advertising Degree]

Aldi have been running a series of adverts that place a well recognised brand name up against the less popular ‘own brand’ equivalent, then showing the low price of the ‘own brand’ item.

The ads pitch the two items as identical, with the person in the advert claiming they ‘like’ both items. The purpose of the advert is to establish that the prominent difference between the two products is the price. Whilst the latest low fat cereal advert,  which is the one in question, doesn’t show the price of the ‘Special K’ cereal, it shoes the price of the ‘own brand’ equivalent, which insinuates that it is cheaper.

The similarities are further enhanced by the additional graphic shown by each box where the fat content is shown for both cereals, which is ‘less than 2%’ for both boxes. The advert tries to break down the barriers that prevent consumers from buying the ‘own brand’ cereal, by placing the two products in an equal environment where they’re in a head to head scenario. The aim of the advert is to raise the consumers awareness about the lack of difference between brand name and ‘own brand’ products, with the benefit of a lower price with the ‘own brand’. Consumers will then question why they would pay more for the same item, just because it’s in a different box.

 The advert tries to challenge traditional notions of the target market for the low fat cereal. Whilst the Special K adverts are targeted at women, normally centred around having the perfect toned body with the women in the advert wearing some sort of red swimsuit or red dress. The Aldi advert challenges all of these criteria for an advert for low fat cereal by having a man as the lead role. The advert is a form of spoof or parody as the man starts the advert by being off screen claiming he likes both low fat cereals, before appearing in front of the camera donning a red dress. He then says “This red dress is still a bit tight…”

The advert is a fun way of grabbing the consumer’s attention. It plays off the popularity and familiar image of the red dress associated with the low fat cereal that is Special K, and puts a funny twist on it. It also acknowledges that the Special K advert, with it’s perfect toned body, is perhaps somewhat unrealistic, as one can not rely purely on a low fat cereal in order to achieve what is shown in the Special K advert. Instead Aldi have provided someone with a less than perfect body, but who still enjoys low fat cereals. This is almost an acknowledgement that you don’t have to be perfect to enjoy the cereal, and your cereal doesn’t have to be the big brand name.

2 Responses to “This Red Dress is Still a Bit Tight…”

  1. 1 Bob Joshua February 7, 2012 at 16:11

    Who is the guy in the Advert, would it be Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert

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