A Look at Some Ghost Rider Fan Posters

This is a first: I was contacted by a reader who wanted to share his fan art posters for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Recently Sony Pictures ran a competition, where they requested fans create posters for the upcoming Ghost Rider film starring Nicolas Cage.

These designs were made by Andrei Popa for the competition, but unfortunately missed the deadline. However it’s always interesting to look at fan made designs, and the art direction behind them.











These two designs are obviously a stark contrast of each other, one is a darker perhaps more menacing design, whilst the other is a lighter, more subtle design. Both obviously utilise the skull as a focal point, in keeping with the feel of the film as a whole.

It’s interesting to note also that Nicolas Cage doesn’t actually appear on the poster, but rather the skeletal character appears alongside his name.

The flames and sparks used are also very visually powerful, providing some real heat, more so in the first poster than the second.

I’m not sure about the hole in the skull in the first image, it looks slightly odd, but then that maybe just the way the skull is shaped. Perhaps the skull in the first image could be repositioned slightly in relation to the body, but these are minor quibbles.

Andrei says that he used his own Ghost Rider logo, based on the one from the comics. The font looks pretty cool on the logo.

Personally I prefer the darker poster, it feels more appropriate for the film. But the second poster has an artistic subtlety about it.


Feel free to get in touch if there’s any other fan posters/designs you want to share.

3 Responses to “A Look at Some Ghost Rider Fan Posters”

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