Non-Profit Organizations and Social Media

How do NPOs use social media? What is the benefit? And is it effective?

Non-Profit Organizations have to gear their strategy slightly differently to a traditional,  profit-driven business. Their resources for social media are less and their message is not one of “buy” but rather one of raising awareness, selling a philosophy.

The key to a successful social media campaign is to keep it simple and clear. As soon as the issue becomes overcomplicated, people are less likely to buy into the ethos. has a great little article titled ‘Six Ways Non-Profits Use Social Media to Grow” which lists the important things NPOs need to do online.

Things like story-telling through social media, a simple idea, yet a really effective one. Giving the organization a realistic edge, making it engaging and interesting helps increase the size of the audience.
Creating the opportunity for engagement is crucial for NPOs. They’re conversing with their audience, which is the most effective way to operate.

Some big name NPOs have really used social media to their advantage. The WWF Facebook page for example has a huge variety of story telling, through uploading images, slideshows, videos etc. and allowing their audience to engage with the content that’s been uploaded.

In their info section they also have cross platform promotion, directing their audience to other WWF social media such as Twitter and YouTube.

With 753,190 Facbook ‘likes’, 494,761 Twitter followers and 3,013,603 YouTube video views it is safe to say that the WWF has used social media effectively to engage with a huge audience.

Similarly Oxfam GB has used social media effectively. Raising awareness of their cause and even using Facebook as an online store.
Creating something a little bit different allows them to stand out from the crowd and gain a bigger audience, allowing them to spread their message as far as possible.

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