A look at the official Titanic 3D Poster and Trailer

So now we have a proper poster and trailer for James Cameron’s 3D re-release of Titanic. But are they anything special? Are they reflective of the epic classic?

Titanic reached 10 Million fans on Facebook and James Cameron celebrated the milestone by releasing the trailer on the Facebook page.

Here’s the trailer:

Fairly standard trailer. Advertising James Cameron just as much as the film really. The original was released in cinemas in 1997 so perhaps a name drop of ‘Avatar’ in the trailer may encourage the new generation of movie-goers to watch Titanic on the big screen.

The Trailer certainly translates the grandeur of the film as a whole, the epic size of the Titanic, the big CG scenes, the blossoming relationship between Jack and Rose.

The trailer ticks all the boxes really. Even whilst watching it on youtube you get the idea of what scenes are going to look eye-popping in 3D.

However the poster falls slightly short.

Here it is:

It’s a real mixed bag…

The 3D font used for the film title is a nice touch, brings the feel of the film into the 21st Century. The subtle silver/gold colours that were used in the original poster are used really well. Also the fact that the bottom of the poster isn’t a mess of small print, that some theatrical posters are afflicted with, is great.

The choice of image is a bit of a grey area. It’s not a terrible choice, Jack and Rose holding each other, it’s reflective of the film. However, they have a look of fear about them. The original poster had the two of them in a loving embrace.

Yes the film is about the sinking of the ship, but at the end of the day, the overriding feel of the film is a tragic Hollywood love story. Having Jack and Rose looking a bit cold and scared doesn’t quite give the bigger picture. It’s not iconic enough when you consider all the shots available from the film.

The main problem with the poster is the…rain? Snow? Light? Whatever those irritating white blurs all over the poster are supposed to be. Why are they there? What are they adding to the design? Are they supposed to give a sense of depth? It’s very confusing.

Using ‘Like Never Before’ in the strapline is a bit… stock. The amount of 3D re-releases that are now cropping up means that we’re going to have to start being a bit more creative with those straplines.

The art direction isn’t the worst, it just doesn’t look very well thought through. For a multi-million dollar blockbuster it’s a bit uninspiring.

3 Responses to “A look at the official Titanic 3D Poster and Trailer”

  1. 1 scottiepearson November 17, 2011 at 17:09

    Maybe instead of having ‘Experience it like never before’ having something like living in the experience, being there in the flesh.

    Relive one of the biggest disasters the world has seen sort-a thing. I suppose the whole idea of having it in 3D would be to feel like you were there and be able to experience what they were experience! :)

  2. 2 Dominic Speight February 15, 2012 at 13:46

    I saw this last night at a preview screening and i must say i was impressed.
    i had seen it first time round in remember being awed just by the sheer grandeur of the film and enjoyed it immensely.

    now im not one of these clamouring for 3d this and that, i like movies to be original and i find the 3d thing a bit “gimmicky” if i may say so, however my experience of watching Titanic in 3d was a overall a good experience, but what made it for me was the actual footage of the wreckage, it felt like i was wandering around the ruins of the titanic and it was incredible, the latter part of the film where there is widespread panic and passengers are jumping off and the ship snaps in the middle was excellent also.
    it still brought a lump to my throat in certain scenes but overall one hell of a film that is going to find a whole new audience with this 3d release.

  1. 1 lol abyssal scepter Trackback on July 8, 2014 at 04:22

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