Grand Theft Auto V Trailer: A Piece of Cinematic Genius?

Today (November 2nd) saw the release of the hotly anticipated trailer for the next big instalment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, & it didn’t fail to deliver just the right amount of teaser goodness fans have been craving for. It’s ambiguity left fans debating all sorts of details and the online rumour mill is on overtime now, and there have been GTA related trends on Twitter since the off.

The style is very similar to the GTA IV trailer, narrated by the protagonist, showing the hustle and bustle of city life. Sweeping panoramic shots of cityscape and car chases aplenty.

So what has the trailer told us? Well firstly it seems that our protagonist will be void of the dodgey eastern European accent that we had in GTA IV. We also know that we are back in San Andreas, where we were last keeping it real with our home dawg Carl Johnson in the good ol’ 90’s.

The landscape in this teaser trailer shows us cityscape, beaches, mountains and the dusty deserts. We also see the iconic ‘Vinewood’ sign that was in San Andreas. But will GTA V extend further than Los Santos like in GTA San Andreas?

The trailer is frustratingly sparse on specifics, but all is quickly forgiven by the content it shows. Fans don’t seem to be fretting about whether the game will live up to hype. Maybe because GTA IV received a lot of unfair criticism? Or maybe because the new game just looks incredible.

Rumours are already circulating that Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti could be making an appearance, as well as Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson. But we’re still in the dark about our protagonist. Who is he? Or perhaps who are they? Rumours are also rife of not one, but THREE protagonists.

To have a promotion last week, for a teaser trailer can’t be done often. Not many brands or products hold enough clout to be so mysterious. Rockstar have done extremely well with this trailer, generating so much interest and discussion. Stoking the fires of curiosity burning in fans worldwide.

The fact that Rockstar have turned the release of a teaser trailer into a such a large scale spectacle is testament to the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series, as well as Rockstar’s ability to put together a wonderful cinematic trailer. There is just one last question… Can I pre-order it now?


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