Social Media Audit: AMV BBDO

AMV BBDO is a UK based communications agency. They work with 85 brands and “have one simple aim with all of them: to help solve their business challenge with creative ideas that change the competitive landscape.”

Their clients include the likes of Walkers crisps, Starbucks Coffee, Sainsbury’s, Guinness and Unicef, to name but a few.

Obviously it’s AMV BBDO’s business to work on a day to day basis with social media for their clients. But I’ve spoken with AMV BBDO’s Social Director Paul McCrudden of #sixweeks fame about how AMV BBDO uses social media for themselves, instead of others.

When asked about how AMV BBDO uses social media to promote themselves to clients Paul McCrudden described their approach as “focussing our social activity at the moment on attracting graduates rather than using it for more client-oriented activity…”

AMV BBDO operate a Facebook page with 468 ‘Likes’ 188 people ‘Talking’ about it and 101 ‘check ins’ (as of 14 Oct ’11). Their Twitter accounts are @AMV_LAB: the design and post-production facility & @AMVacademy: the graduate side of the business.

The stats for each Twitter feed:
263 Tweets
119 Following
Averaging 4.1 tweets per day []

103 Tweets
155 Following
Averaging 2 tweets per day []

AMV LAB even has it’s own website for it’s team of 23 creatives and lists it’s services as:
• Motion Graphics
• 2D + 3D Animation
• Editing
• Effects & Compositing
• Digital Design
• Audio



The Facebook page allows for people to write on the wall, which means that AMV BBDO can then post responses to questions and feedback from consumers. One person even noted on how quick the response time was from AMV BBDO.

When I spoke to Paul McCrudden about how AMV BBDO use their Facebook page he said: “We’ve got a Facebook tab to promote the grad scheme which lets potential employees complete their application entirely within Facebook.” A clever move that allows someone who has found the Facebook page to apply for the grad scheme without having to follow a list of tedious links and perhaps getting lost along the way.

AMV BBDO will be further expanding the use of their online presence with a ‘grad cam’. McCrudden says: “As part of the grad scheme, in late October we’ll be streaming a live cam of one of our recent grad joiners (he’ll literally have a camera on his head all day, lucky him) which should be good for grads to see the type of work a new joiner can expect to be involved in.”

It’s individualistic creative flair like the ‘grad cam’ that helps AMV BBDO capture the interest of new creative graduates and provide them with the easiest way to apply for a placement within the comfort and familiarity of Facebook.

AMV BBDO seem to have the Facebook nailed. Quick and concise responses, plenty of content.
I’d say they need to transfer this ethic to other sites to increase their reach to grads if that’s the way their social media is geared.

Increasing the time resources and tweet frequency on Twitter would be a start, there’s a lot of pro tools out there which can make a Twitter feed just as useful as Facebook. Hell, even get on the likes of Tumblr or Flickr too, lot of creatives out there putting up some good stuff, become more of a community player, give the brand some more character; D&AD do that sort of thing really well. I know it takes a lot of time but if there was a way to get the resources together to bump it up to the next level then we could end up seeing some exciting new stuff.

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