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Raised on Attitude is a wrestling fanzine created by and contributed to by a team of fans who grew up with the WWF Attitude Era and clamour for the old days. – raisedonattitude.com

I started this project with Ian Perkins in July 2011 who wished to create a new website that contained exclusive features and news from the wrestling world.

I suggested that using a wordpress account would be the best way to start off the site to make large volumes of posts from multiple contributors.

From there I designed the look and feel of the website including:

– logo and brand design
– coding
– graphics
– colours
– layout

[A single page ad I designed featured in the online magazine]

I went on to suggest that the features written for the site could be put together on a monthly basis in an online magazine that could be embedded into a post on the site.
I now produce all the visuals for the magazine as well as joint art directing it with Ian Perkins.
I occasionally contribute written pieces for the site too as a personal interest of mine.

I will be heading up any future expansion of the site and brand.

If you wish to use any of my images PLEASE contact me or at least credit this blog.
(Even though no one EVER does)

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