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Why EXACTLY is #FreeBieber trending?

Teen pop sensation Justice Beaver has approximately a gajillion fan girls, all with at least 2 and a half twitter accounts each. So it’s no surprise that when he does anything at all – he shoots to the top of the trending topics that day. Whether it be accidentally killing a Brazilian prostitute or fighting with a fast food mascot.
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2014 – A Blog Reboot?

After a year or so of this blog collecting cyber-dust, I have decided that a ‘reboot’ may be in order.

Since graduating from University my minimal designs and artwork have come to a halt. For me, this is a shame. I love creating work like my movie posters – it’s good practice for me and it’s cool to be able share them online. Unfortunately I am powerless to stop the inevitability of growing up and the demands of non-student life, which means less time to play on Photoshop.

HOWEVER – I think it would be cool to keep my blog running this year, as a platform for a my thoughts and ideas around the future of tech, design, and advertising. Heck I’ll throw in the occasional bit of original design when it happens.

Let’s see what happens.

Paperman Poster



I designed this poster for Disney’s short animation ‘Paperman’. Just getting back into the habit of creating new pieces.

Toy Story Poster Set



It’s been almost a year since I’ve created any new designs. I wish I hadn’t left it for so long. So to get back into the swing of things I created this minimalist Toy Story poster set. I chose lines from the first movie and tried to have a bit of play around with the typography. 




The Awkward Moment When China Doesn’t Translate Your Poster

About 12 months ago I posted a spoof poster advertising/mocking the iPhone 5 (original post here)



I actually liked the art direction of the poster, using the apple logo within the number 5 is a neat touch I feel. I went with the slightly sarcastic (yet somewhat true) strapline of “Because you have more money than sense” – my little dig at apple fanboys who just can’t help but snap up the latest apple goodies.

Overall I was happy with the design, it was a bit of a laugh and I re-shared it earlier this month when the phone was actually released. I thought that would be it, just another portfolio piece done.

So Imagine my surprise when my friend texts me to say that Sabotage Times had posted a photo to their Facebook account showing an apple retailer in China that was proudly displaying my poster in their shop window:




I have no idea where or when the photo was taken – I’d love to find out though.

Obviously my sarcasm doesn’t translate well in the far east.

A Twitter Concept

This might already exist and if it does then please let me know. BUT I was struck about tweaks to Twitter that would perhaps work well – that people may actually appreciate.

It would be cool to curate the content of our tweets a little more closely. The easiest way to explain it would be a love-child between G+ circles and Pinterest boards. We all tweet about a wide variety of things – day to day bits & more niche interests. Sometimes we follow a friend who’s daily tweets about their day are of interest to us – but who might also tweet about golfing results – wasted tweets that we skim over as they are of no interest to us.

Similarly we may follow someone who tweets about a particular interest of ours – a sports journalist for example, who gives us up to date information on our team, but who’s tweets about their personal life we don’t care for. It’s a familiar problem – especially as very few people tweet about a single subject, Twitter is about having a personality.

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